This is the new version of my old website and I am still porting the old posts... something maybe still missing.

My Tiny Linux

These are some very, very small linux distributions that I built in my free time against the MUSL libs.

They were made in different flavours and I try to keep them very updated. tinyzfs that is less than 30MB has zfs support, QEMU, LXC, etc.

Particularly vmstart is a posix (it works fine with busybox ash) script than can create a cluster of virtual machine locally or with real metal nodes.

Clusters can be created and destroyed in few seconds making this tool a quick system to test different configurations, e.g.: zfs replication, lxc containers on top of KVM. It support migration, hotplugging RAM, CPU, disks, nics, etc.

vmstart online help: tinyzfs help

Linux Kernels

I made some scripts to build the kernel with my configuration and zfs support, the script uploads everything in a section of this site and I try to keep everything updated.

It is the same kernel of the tiny linux so some modules can be fetched to extend them and/or they can be used to do a quick test with a new kernel.

The tar contains the kernel, its config, modules, zfs packages in deb and rpm format.


Here are some screencasts

static binaries

There are some static binaries that may become handy in case of system corruption, compromisation, etc. I try to keep busybox updated with many applets enabled.