My Tiny Linux

I built some very small linux systems that I use to create virtual clusters in seconds. All the software has been compiled from source against the MUSL library and despite the small size they provide many features, tinyzfs for example is only 28MB but has:

QEMU, LXC, ZFS, http/s, vde2, wpa_supplicant, ddrescue, lynx, mdadm, iperf3, nfs, parted, stress, ntfs-3g, sysstats, etc. etc

Here is a screencast with migration between metal nodes: My Tiny Linux.

Last update on 13/10/2021 - kernel 5.14.12 changelog.


Monitoring With Sysstats

The SYSSTATS utilities are a collection of monitoring tools for linux. They come with almost every Linux distribution and most unix people are confident wit sar/iostat/pidstat, etc. Those utilities are precious when you need to have quick look at the system via command line.

When the automatic data collection is enabled the data is kept in /var/log/sysstat/ or where has been defined on SA_DIR in the sysstat configuration. The data will be rotated according to the HISTORY parameter.

Recent versions of sysstats have a version of sadf that can generate svg images of the monitoring, uploading them to a website can give a quick view of the system.

Here is “one line” script that can be managed by cron:

sadf script