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The goal is to have a web server with a simple gui ( smartphone oriented…big buttons! ) to:

  • download/upload files
  • go straight to owncloud space
  • check browser info ( Ip, headers, etc. )
  • Check the system ( Cpu/HD temp, smart, uptime, memory, i/o, netstat, free space )
  • Check the network ( what is “up” and what is “down” )
    Most of these commands are protected by a name/password procedure.

Vocal commands

Smartphone side

Apart from the many klets built-in ( read/replay/send sms, time, signal level, add event, etc. etc. ) we want:

  • Read Email sender & address
  • Switch the telephone off
  • Reboot the telephone
  • Switch WIFI/data/bluetooth/gps/aeroplane mode on/off
  • Lock the screen and the phone
  • Take pictures without unlocking the screen
  • Send position ( clickable link ) via sms or email
  • Set a waypoint
  • Switch the light on
  • Read the altitude ( switch the gps on if not )
  • Provide some feedback, such as “position sent successfully”
  • Status ( data, wifi, gps and bluetooth )
  • Backup ( Make a backup and sync it with the server, copy only the new/modified files )

Server side

  • Switch the WIFI AP on/off
  • Shutdown the server
  • Reboot the server
  • Change some server permissions
  • Open the firewall for a few minutes
  • Check the server network ( what is “up” and what is “down” )
  • Make a backup and send it to the cloud
  • We want some feedback like: “the server is secure”.
  • Server Status ( some file permission, firewall, free space, cpu temperature, hd temperature and SMART check result )
  • Local network state ( who is connected to the wifi )

Web commands ( big buttons…)

  • Local network state ( who is connected to the wifi )
  • Go straight to owncloud space
  • Check browser info ( Ip, headers, etc )
  • Check the system ( Cpu/HD temperature, SMART, uptime, memory, i/o, netstat, space )
  • A Board for live messages ( Perl )
  • Switch the server WIFI on/off
  • Have a readable httpd log
  • Open the firewall for a few minutes
  • Reboot/shutdown the server
  • Access a folder ( file sharing )
  • Send files

Server Hardware:

FitPC2i ( fanless, solid state hd, very small 10x10 cm, very low power 6W! )

Server OS:

Very small knoppix derived with a size of 272M with custom kernel and hundreds ( about 1.000!, see Software.txt for a list ) of programs such as nginx ( web server ), vuurmuur ( iptables front-end ), ssh server, samba server, mate desktop environment, torrent client, tor, email client, web browser, word processor, spreadsheet, pdf viewer, etc. etc.
There are a lot of custom scripts, most of them with a yad gui, to check filesytems with 4 antiviruses, defrag an ntfs partition ( custom udefrag front-end ), a custom shutdown/reboot/suspend menu, keep data safe in an encrypted container (luks, custom cryptsetup gui), start/stop servers, install external afio (re)packet software, etc. etc.
To keep things small other programs are kept outside the filesystem and can be loaded when needed from an afio optimised archive.
Most of the software is transferred in ram; owncloud’s stuff in the ssd.

Telephone software

  • Klets
  • Tasker
  • Titanium Backup
  • Folder Sync
  • Juice ssh

Apart from the voice backup command, with the same software we also manage an automatic scheduled backup with automatic sync with the server
See the project presentation here:

Vocal Commands Project

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