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Non e' mai troppo tardi!

There is an Owncloud application to view your gpx track on an underlying map.

You can switch between different maps:

  • Mapnik OSM
  • MapQuest OSM
  • ESRI Satellite
  • ESRI Topographic
  • Thunderforest OpenCycleMap

Wide choice, isn’t it !?!
There are also two windows with all the information related to that trip:

  • Date
  • Distance ( total and sections )
  • Heart Rate ( media & sections
  • Height ( total and sections )
  • Lap time
  • Speed ( media & sections )
  • Duration

For the lucky people who have already got an account on my cloud, all that you have to do is upload your gpx file and click it:
Easy peasy!
For the rest of the world: ask me for a free account

Some screenshots:


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